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"Excellent in every respect over a very long period of time. He has unfailingly delivered what he said he would produce - on time and usually of higher quality than promised. Thoughout his many assignments, Dennis has gained and maintained the respect of every one he has encountered as a friendly and willing colleague - a capability that I believe to be absolutely vital particularly when initiating large scale projects which are necessarily ill defined in their early stages."
Cofounder/Former President/CEO, Fair-Issac (FICO), San Rafael
"Dependency Advocacy Center, a nonprofit legal organization, has had the wonderful experience of working with Dennis to develop, create, and implement a database. Dennis worked patiently with our staff to design a database for our crucial program. This required a deep dive to learn about our industry. The result was an incredibly user-friendly and effective product. He kept our budget in mind and offered useful suggestions and solutions based on his extensive experience and our needs. The database he created has changed the way our staff manages their work - all for the better. Dennis has provided ongoing maintenance as needed. Along with the excellent product, Dennis was a joy to work with. He was invested in our work and handled everything from beginning to end with professionalism, great aptitude, and a warm, positive approach. I could not recommend him more highly!"
CFO, Dependency Advocacy Center, San Jose
"I regard Dennis' overall record of true 'barrier breaking' projects as unsurpassed in my 20 years at Fair, Isaac. He thinks VERY clearly and VERY carefully - top-down. He is superb at dealing with size and complexity; he does not get ensnared by detail; his designs are simple and robust - he knows when to avoid reaching for the last few % of potential gain at the expense of complexity and rigidity; he is exceptional at sequencing, staging and orchestrating big projects that take quarters and years and affect scores and hundreds of people. He takes a broad "systems perspective" of business problems and opportunities, seeing both technological and people issues and their interaction, and designing integrated solutions that address both. He clearly distinguishes content and process and works on both in a balanced manner. He separates human emotion / relationship issues from other business substance issues and deals directly with the people problems, thereby minimizing entanglements. He respects people, and works especially well with those who want to move things ahead. He will not tolerate lack of integrity."
Former President/CEO, Fair-Issac (FICO), San Rafael
"With his passion for the highest quality, Dennis Pasadis has made the experience rich and seamless. He is professional, thoughtful and very easy to work with. We simply cannot recall a time where he didn't exceed our expectations. We have learned from Dennis to never limit ourselves when envisioning what we want."
Youth and Adult Services, Foundation for California Community Colleges, Sacramento
"I have known Dennis since 1975 and I know him to be of the highest ethics and character. Dennis has tremendous ability to manage, motivate and direct highly technical teams. He has exceptional planning and organizational skills. Dennis also possesses a wealth of technical ability. I worked with Dennis on several very large and complex systems ranging from a low-level 68000 based operating system (written in machine language from ground up), to a complete application development environment. He is one of the clearest thinking software architects I know. The combination of Dennis' character, management skills and technical ability are rare indeed."
Former Senior Software Architect, Fair-Issac (FICO), San Rafael
"One of his core competencies is his ability to simplify complex systems and processes. He can speak to both technologists and business analysts because he is equally strong in both business and technical acumen. Dennis is also very customer focused and he refuses to paralyzed by uncertainty or ambiguity in difficult situations. He maintains the highest principles and values and behaves consistently within them, even when doing so could meet with disapproval. Dennis is not shy of tackling challenging projects and his passion and enthusiasm for technology's impact on business makes him a solid candidate for an executive position in any technology based organization or department."
Principal Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services, San Francisco
"Dennis' strengths lie in gathering general requirements, analyzing the issues, coordinating the effort, designing, planning and implementing workable robust solutions. In fact, the designs are so good that the resulting systems last far beyond their expected life. What stands Dennis apart, besides his outstanding technical knowledge and project management skills, is his exceptional integrity and incredible sense of ethics."
Former CFO, Fair-Isaac (FICO), San Rafael
"Over my 14 year career, I've worked with a number of very talented and hard working individuals, but none of them have exhibited the combination of skills and dedication that Dennis does. Dennis possesses that rare talent of being able to handle innumerable "lower level" technical details while never losing sight of the "big picture". Dennis has the ability to meld individuals with different personalities together in a strong project team. In a notable example, Dennis headed the project team that was assigned the task of upgrading the hardware platform of our stand alone application processing system. This project required significant redesign of software and firmware, in addition to the integration of new hardware. In managing this project, Dennis combined the talents of many diverse personalities with his own skills, and in the process, formed one of the most effective teams with which it has ever been my experience to work. When it comes to running projects, he hs the ability to fully and accurately prepare a realistic, yet challenging, schedule. Dennis has a strong history of dedicating himself to the successful conclusion of his projects. On numerous occasions, I have personally witnesed his ability to cooly approach, and overcome, extremely challenging obstacles."
Former Director of Development Business Planning, Fair-Isaac (FICO), San Rafael